Our goal is to earn your satisfaction. We have the capabilities and knowledge to be your one-stop, “fix-it- all” shop.

Is your car or truck running hot? We can fix it! Whether you need a radiator flush or replacement, no job is too big or small.

Did your check engine light come on? We provide engine analysis and attune to any engine repair that will safely set you back on the road.
check enging

In Huntsville Alabama, the summers get hot! Don’t be caught without cold air in your vehicle. If you need air conditioning service or repair we supply all you need to BEAT THE HEAT!!.

Does your ride feel sluggish and not up to par? It could be that your carb needs cleaned or you’re your injectors flushed! Not a problem! We have the best certified mechanics in Huntsville.

Are you having a difficult time seeing the road? It could be that your connections are not ground properly or that your headlights need restoration. Our prices our competitive and labor is quick, yet complete.
dirty lights

Do you feel slippage or notice that your vehicle is not shifting properly? When it comes to your transmission, we are your best repair solution.

You may or may not know, but the shocks and struts are very important to the safety of you and your vehicle.Its recommended that you have them inspected yearly. If your vehicle seems to not handle bumps as easily, sways when handling corners, or tends to feel uncontrollable on un-even surfaces, please have your vehicle inspected immediately.
shocks and struts

Why take your car to anyone else for a tune up when we offer the best competitive pricing in the market? Our specialists know exactly what your car wants and needs.At Peoples Tires you always have the benefit of getting more than what you have paid for!

shocks and struts

Are your tires wearing out around the edges or losing tread? It is most likely due to the need an alignment. If you bring your car or truck in when you first notice the wear and tear, we can help the provide better life and longevity for your tires and your wallet.
shocks and struts

Without the proper knowledge and tools it can be extremely difficult to re-install or replace engine belts after they have broken or slipped off the engine pulley system. Fortunately, we have every necessary tool in our shop to satisfy all of your repair needs.
shocks and struts